Kainaz Messman Harchandrai

1. The book certainly reveals many of your personal  experiences and also acts a guide for new entrepreneurs. We would like to know what was it that inspired you to write this book? Where did this all stem from?

KMH:I had been asked to write a recipe book many times but when I was approached to write about my journey and share what I had done and how we got to where we were, it gave me an opportunity to pause and reflect on what we had achieved, and the people who helped us get there.   Bringing our experiences and learnings together was a therapeutic process.  We have chronicled what we did and the things we got right, the mistakes we made and lessons learned, and it gave us an opportunity to thank the people who have helped build our business.  I hope the book also serves as an inspiration and is an honest depiction of what it takes to build a company.  

2. The book speaks about importance of teamwork and how essential it is for the success of any venture. What is your way building up a team and dealing with people and your employees?

KMH:I became a boss at the age of 24, I was unprepared for the role.  Over the years and on reflection, I recognised my own shortcomings and put a lot of effort into evolving into a better boss and inspiring my staff.  This did not come easily to me, I had to analyse where I was going wrong and I have worked hard to create a warm environment and build the cohesive teams that we have today.   I now understand better the backgrounds and challenges faced by our staff, and they understand me better too.  We communicate well, I am more empathetic and patient, when we face a problem we work together to find a solution.  

3. We are keen  to know, how as a person and an  entrepreneur do you deal with downfalls and what is your way of coming back stronger ?

KMH: I am sometimes asked what the most difficult phase of building my business was.  The truth is that every stage has been incredibly difficult, the problems change and perhaps get bigger and with greater consequences, but they never go away.  I have learned that the only way to deal with problems is head on.  We investigate, we try to understand the implications, we come up with possible solutions.  We do not wish our problems away, because we have tried and it does not work.  Grit, consistency, and the belief that this too will pass, has kept us looking ahead and moving forward.  It is the unwavering belief that any problem can be overcome is what keeps us motivated to keep working hard and focusing on the future.  

4. In the book you have also mentioned about “the ingredients to build a great business “
Is there any specific ” ingredient ” you swear by or has been very challenging for you personally.

KMH: For a business to be successful you need to get many things right.  Surrounding yourself with good, honest and dependable people is the foundation that a successful business is built on.  Focus on the product or service that you provide, no amount of packaging and branding can compensate for a product that does not bring your customers back.  Build at your own pace, do what you think is right, and be willing to work incredibly hard.  I wanted my book to be an honest account of what it really takes to build a business.  What may appear to be an overnight success usually has decades of study, sweat and tears behind it.  

5. Lastly what is that one advice you want to give to all those, specially  women who aspire to start  a new venture?

KMH: For anyone starting a business, try and find something you love, something you genuinely want to do.  Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint.  Figure out what motivates you, and link that to what you are delivering. Grow at your pace, don’t let others determine the trajectory of your company.  Work with good people and enjoy your journey.